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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our HVAC Services

My furnace won't start. What should I do?
  • Check to make sure the furnace filter is clean.

  • Check the settings on your thermostat.

  • Check the battery of the thermostat.

  • Check to make sure power to the furnace is on.

  • Finally, make sure the gas supply to the furnace is open.

  • If the problem persists, you will need to contact an Ottawa Heating and Cooling technician

My AC won't start. What should I do?
  • Check to make sure the furnace filter is clean.

  • Check the settings on your thermostat.

  • Check the battery of the thermostat.

  • Check to ensure the power to the furnace is ON and the outdoor disconnect is on.

  • Check the cover if it is an outdoor unit.

  • If the problem persists, you will need to contact an Ottawa Heating and Cooling technician

How do I know if I have an existing warranty on my furnace, air conditioner, or HVAC system?

Locate the label on the exterior of the equipment for a manufacture date. Equipment less than five years old may have a warranty, but they also may not depending on the make. Warranty terms and conditions vary by manufacturer and the installing company.

Why is my AC freezing up?

There are many reasons that can cause your HVAC system to freeze up; most of them usually need to be corrected by a professional technician.

If you are experiencing this problem, you can make sure the air filter is clean or replaced and ensure that the the airflow is not restricted.  If this does not solve the problem, you should contact a qualifiedIf the problem persists, you will need to contact an Ottawa Heating and Cooling technician who will be able to diagnose the following issue:

  • Low refrigerant: In some cases, freezing up is caused by a leak in the refrigerant lines. Weak solder joints, friction from piping rubbing or vibrating against an object, leaking valves or loose fittings can cause leaks. The length of time your system has been installed and the type and location of the leak will determine whether to have the system repaired or replaced.

  • Dirty evaporator coil: Over time, the evaporator coil will become dirty. On these occasions, the results are similar to those of having a dirty filter. Progressively you will lose airflow, slowly enough that you probably would not realize it until it freezes up or is not cooling adequately.

  • Defective blower motor or relay: A blower motor running at an improper speed or not running at all can cause freezing. It can also be sporadic, starting at full speed and slowing down after it heats up. Or a relay could cause it to start one time and not the next. 

Why is it important to have regular maintenance on my home comfort system?

You probably wouldn’t get a brand-new car and plan to never have to put air in the tires, change the oil and check out any unfamiliar noises. Your home comfort system is like your car’s engine, it’s a mechanical device with a motor, electrical components… and even fuel. So it is important to have routine maintenance of your home comfort system by a qualified technician. If not maintained properly and routinely, even the best heating and air conditioning equipment could cause problems and become less ‘fuel’ efficient over time.

What are the advantages of a two-stage furnace?

There are three advantages to having a two-stage furnace: it saves energy, heats your home more thoroughly, and filters your air better.

How does a two-stage furnace work?

A two-stage furnace works by using a different set of programming than a normal one-stage furnace.  Simply put, when it is only moderately cold inside, then the furnace’s control board opens the fuel control valve to the partially open position, and heats the house to the desired temperature before turning off.  If the house is cooling a lot quicker than normal, for instance on a miserably cold day in the dead of winter, then the control panel opens the valve to the full open position, where the furnace runs full blast to heat your home.

How long does a furnace last?

The lifespan of a furnace largely depends on how frequently it’s maintained. The more maintenance, the less repairs in the end. However, the efficiency of a unit is reduced when it’s used for more than 10 years. However, with the right consultations, Oria Heating & Cooling has helped service hundreds of homes and offices to repair and replace existing furnaces in the Ottawa area. Get your quote today for professional furnace installation.

Once you get your new furnace installed, it’s important to make it a priority to increase its efficiency and lifespan by doing:

  •  Regular tune-ups
  •  Proper maintenance
  •  Timely repair works

Our affordable repair works and tune-up services are helping homes in Ottawa get the best value out of their furnaces.

When Is The Right Time To Install A New Furnace In Your Home?

Home heating is one of the most important components in a happy and loving home, and the truth is home owners in Ottawa rarely give it much of a second thought. Fortunately, at Oria Heating & Cooling, our professional furnace installers don’t waste any time when it comes to your furnace installation. A healthy and functioning furnace is vital to get us through Ottawa’s long and cold winters. Whether you are installing a furnace into your brand new house or simply replacing the old one, Oria Heating & Cooling has the solution and expertise to get the job done in the most efficient way possible.

What is an ENERGY STAR certified air conditioning system?

The ENERGY STAR rating lets you know that any product carrying this designation meets or exceeds a premium level of energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR in Canada is a voluntary arrangement between Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency and organizations that manufacture sell or promote products that meet the ENERGY STAR levels of energy performance.

What is an ECM motor?

An ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) is a brushless motor technology in forced air heating applications that works to reduce the electrical consumption of the furnace motor by as much as 60% (over a standard motor).

What is SEER in air conditioning?

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Higher SEER ratings mean greater efficiency. As of January 2006, the federal government mandates that all new central air conditioning equipment be at least SEER-13, but there is equipment available rated as high as SEER-18 and even SEER-23.

How much is the rebate on a new high-efficiency furnace?

You will receive:

  • $250 incentive when you replace your existing furnace with the purchase and installation of a new eligible high-efficiency furnace equipped with an Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM).

How much is the rebate on a new ENERGY STAR central air conditioning system?

You will receive:

  • $250 incentive when you purchase and install a new ENERGY STAR certified central air conditioning (CAC) system that satisfies at least a 14.5 SEER and 12 EER.

  • $400 incentive when you purchase and install an ENERGY STAR certified CAC system that satisfies at least a 15 SEER and 12.5 SEER.

Who is eligible to receive the rebate?

The HEATING & COOLING INCENTIVE is available for residents and businesses (and businesses with residential-type systems) in Ontario who have purchased and installed eligible central heating or cooling equipment through a participating contractor.

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Jason LegerJason Leger
16:29 02 Aug 22
Was supposed to get a duct cleaning when the crew arrived. Unfortunately.my AC condenser broke and leaked into the furnace. Nasir and his team promptly show me everything step by step and unfortunately had to recommend a new furnace. They were back the next day fixed fhe AC leak and installed a new furnace and duct work. We're extremely.friendly and made sure I was aware of everything they did.
Mukhbir SinghMukhbir Singh
21:28 10 Jun 22
We had a great experience with Oria Heating and Cooling. Our air conditioner stopped working during a warm day. The technician was at our house within a couple of hours. He quickly diagnosed the issue and resolved it that same day. He went out of his way to test our cooling system and found our thermostat was improperly wired which he quickly fixed for us. That attention to detail is very rare to find.We were very pleased with the service and would absolutely recommend them.
Charles CCharles C
11:07 10 Jun 22
Oria Heating and Cooling provided great pricing for installation of a new furnace and air conditioning system. The crew arrived on time, did high quality and detailed work, and left the site clean. They took the time to explain all the work that was done, how the new systems functioned, best maintenance practices, and answered all my questions. I highly recommend this company.
Jason FosterJason Foster
15:51 23 Apr 22
I've turned to Oria Heating and Cooling twice now and twice I have had excellent service and very positive encounters on both occasions. The owner takes the time to listen and to provide good advice for our home's HVAC system. Everyone on his team was professional and friendly. This month, they installed a whole new AC for me in just a few hours, and in doing so even took the time to figure out why my humidifier hadn't been working for years now! Now I can look forward to cool temps this summer, and not drying out the air in my home so much when it is time to start running the furnace again in the fall.
22:45 28 Sep 21
Mansoor and his team installed a new furnace, ac and humidifier at my place recently. The team was working simultaneously to ensure all work was done in an effecient manner. The old furnace and ac were removed and all scrap was cleared by the guys. Before the installation date Mansoor had come by to have a look at the existing system and gave me advice on what would be a good setup. He was honest and upfront about the cost. The quote that he gave me and which we discussed was exactly what was charged, no hidden costs. His team also installed a new thermostat which I had bought and he showed me the functionality and how I can control it. Mansoor came by again the next day to check up on the furnace and also gave me a walkthrough of the work that was done and how to operate the new equipment. Mansoor and his team, Kody, Mikey, Cole, Aaron and Hisham, are highly recommended. Thanks guys.

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