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At some point in your search for an HVAC system for your home or business, you will likely come across two brands synonymous with quality: Goodman and Lennox. Both Goodman and Lennox have excellent reputations for durability.

Most HVAC manufacturers you’ve heard of, like Trane, Amana, and Carrier, offer products that compete with both Lennox and Goodman, but in different ways. Lennox products tend to be very energy efficient overall, while Goodman HVAC products are more known and less expensive to purchase and install. 

Today we will compare the main features of these two popular HVAC brands, Goodman and Lennox, their primary differences, and what they mean for you.

Lennox HVAC Products Overview 

Read our comparison of two popular HVAC brands, Goodman and Lennox. We discuss the primary differences between them, and what they mean for you.
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The Lennox brand was founded in the late 19th century as a machine shop that made custom parts for all types of machines. Eventually, the Lennox brand evolved into what we know today, which was recently ranked the fourth-best HVAC system. Lennox is popular with luxury builders, passive home designers, and homeowners searching for energy efficiency. 

Lennox HVAC systems are known for:


  • Very good quality
  • Moderate-to-high prices
  • Modern features, like the iComfort Thermostat
  • Energy efficiency across product lines

Lennox HVAC products are primarily built in their own facility in Texas, but they also have production capacity in Iowa. Mostly manufactured at their plant in Dallas, Lennox HVAC products are built to a high level of precision, as you might expect. 

Product innovations and manufacturing changes can occasionally lead to availability concerns, as some of the most popular parts may be proprietary. Lennox HVAC systems tend to be technologically elaborate, and some unique features cannot be accomplished with off-the-shelf parts. As such, some Lennox HVAC systems require advanced training to install.

Generally, most professionals consider a Lennox HVAC system among the best in quality, workmanship, and energy efficiency. These qualities make Lennox one of the most trusted brands in the world, and you don’t get there by constantly needing repair parts. Lennox HVAC systems are some of the least expensive forced air systems to own over time.

Goodman HVAC Products Overview 

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Goodman HVAC products are manufactured mostly at a facility in Dallas, Texas, owned by their parent company, Daikin Industries. Goodman HVAC products have the advantage of economy of scale because Daikin is the world’s largest manufacturer of HVAC products like air conditioning, heating, and ventilation. 

The enormous manufacturing capacity means cost-effective manufacturing. Daiken Industries also manufactures Amana HVAC products, generally considered a sister brand to Goodman.

Goodman HVAC systems are known for:


  • Outstanding quality
  • Moderate cost
  • The strongest manufacturing capability
  • Decent energy efficiency
  • Very high reliability

Goodman HVAC products are known in the industry as one of the best values you can find in an HVAC system. Goodman HVAC products directly compete with brands like Ruud and Bryant. 

Goodman HVAC products are known for their reliability. They can compete with other brands, such as Lennox in durability, but the costs to purchase and install a Goodman HVAC system are usually lower. Goodman HVAC products are tested three times before leaving the factory, so out-of-the-box performance is very high with Goodman HVAC products.

Goodman HVAC systems are very common on starter homes, spec homes, remodeling projects, and other activities that require keeping initial costs down. Goodman HVAC products are dependable, easy to find parts for, and usually less expensive to install than a Lennox HVAC system. 

However, after a Goodman HVAC unit has been purchased and installed, they tend to be slightly noisy compared to other brands, like Lennox. Speculative builders and house flippers use Goodman HVAC products because they are of good quality but tend to be less expensive on the front end.

Goodman vs Lennox: Value Comparison 

It can be difficult to directly compare Lennox HVAC products with Goodman HVAC products because although both are expertly built, they tend to appeal to different buyers. Lennox HVAC systems tend to be marketed to upscale buyers interested in the latest technological advancements, energy efficiency, and quiet operation. 

Goodman HVAC products tend to offer a better return on investment. Goodman is popular with first-time home builders because the initial installation costs are lower, and the quality is very high. Some Goodman products also carry an outstanding warranty for the price, which directly increases the return on the investment. 

Overall, Goodman will be considered the best value for the money compared to Lennox. If the initial investment needs to remain low, but the dependability needs to remain high, Goodman may be the best choice.

Builders of entry to medium-sized homes install Goodman HVAC products because they offer a good cost-to-performance ratio that will appeal to most home buyers. Goodman HVAC products are not known for especially quiet operation, however. Lennox will probably offer a better selection if energy efficiency and quiet operation are most important to you.

The real value of a Lennox HVAC system comes from the longevity and efficiency of the system. Lennox is very popular, along with Trane and Carrier, with long-term home or business owners. Lennox systems often provide an excellent return-on-investment when you consider energy cost savings. However, the return on investment may take a while to recover, so most Lennox buyers are in for the long haul.

Over the lifetime of an energy-efficient Lennox HVAC system, the energy savings can be upwards of 30% compared to a standard Goodman system. Business owners and long-time residents tend to invest in high-efficiency Lennox products because as long as the investment is maintained, the overall value increases exponentially the longer the system is used.

Goodman vs. Lennox: Durability Comparison

Both Goodman and Lennox enjoy reputations for long durability. Both brands built their names on quality, dependable HVAC products. In a head-to-head comparison, Goodman may win a durability comparison because the quality control at Goodman is so high.

Lennox HVAC products are built to very high-quality standards, so you can expect a Lennox HVAC system to impress you right out of the gate. A Lennox HVAC system often incorporates wireless technology and home automation features, like the iComfort system. Lennox is consistently voted one of the top ten HVAC brands, so quality is consistent with Lennox.

Goodman HVAC products are designed to be well-built, reliable, dependable, and inexpensive. The energy efficiency of Goodman HVAC systems is constantly improving. Still, you won’t find as many super energy-efficient models or a large selection of energy star versions in the Goodman line.

However, from a durability standpoint, the question is really pay now or pay later. To be clear, Lennox and Goodman HVAC products are some of the best quality products you can buy. But like in most industries, Goodman provides a good, lower-cost option when upfront expenses are a concern. Lennox buyers tend to be less concerned about price and more concerned with the long-term investment they are making.

Lennox vs Goodman: Compressor Comparison

Some HVAC systems are too elaborate to be contained in one location. These HVAC systems are called “split” because the compressor is separated from the air handler. In these designs, the compressor is located outdoors, and a special pipe is run from the outdoor compressor to an indoor air handler. Split HVAC systems have the advantage of expandability, making them ideal for nearly any application.

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Self-contained HVAC systems, also known as “package” HVAC systems, keep all moving parts in one place, usually outdoors at the end of a building. Package HVAC systems are usually the least expensive, but there are limitations to their size. Package HVAC systems keep the important bits, like the fan and the compressor, in one easy-to-reach location.

The compressor in an HVAC system is one of, if not the most important components. The compressor controls the refrigerant in a typical HVAC system, whether the system is self-contained or a split system. HVAC compressors can be single-stage, dual-stage, or variable (also known as scroll compressors.)

Both Goodman and Lennox Use Copeland HVAC Compressors

Lennox and Goodman use Copeland compressors for most if not all of their products. Top-tier brands like Carrier also use Copeland compressors. Most models in both brands use Copeland scroll compressors because they are durable, efficient, and long-lasting. Scroll compressors are much more efficient than standard compressors, so they last longer and are more energy efficient.

Lennox vs Goodman: Cost Comparison

Fast Facts

Average Lennox Cost between: $3,110 and $7,340

Average Goodman Cost between: $3,200 and $7,200

Lennox HVAC System Cost

On average, Lennox HVAC systems cost between $3,110 and $7,340. As of 2022, Forbes magazine listed the national average cost to install an HVAC system at $4,850 to $9,400. For comparison, the cost to install an average Goodman or Lennox HVAC system is over 20% less.

Goodman HVAC System Average Cost

A typical Goodman HVAC system will cost between $3,200 to $7,200 to purchase and install, which is also about 20% less than the national average. Note that these are ballpark figures because every system may have small differences that significantly affect the cost.

Lennox vs Goodman: Warranty Comparison

Regarding warranties, Goodman is the clear winner in direct comparison to Lennox. While Lennox products are excellent, as is their warranty, some Goodman products carry a two-year replacement warranty instead of a repair warranty, like most other brands.

Goodman HVAC WarrantyLennox HVAC Warranty
Lifetime Compressor and Heat Exchanger Limited Warranties

10-Year and 2-Year Unit Replacement Limited Warranties

10-Year Parts Limited Warranty on select products
Up to a 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty

Up to 10-Year Warranty on Compressors

Up to 20-Year Warranty on Heat Exchangers (single and dual)

Lennox vs Goodman: Final Showdown

Lennox and Goodman HVAC products are dependable, durable, and well-built. Both offer comparable models with comparable features, so which one is better?

Lennox HVAC products will offer the best selection of energy-efficient models that will be quiet and offer lots of functionality. For the cost-conscious, Goodman HVAC products will be inexpensive to install, offer usable features, and include the best warranty in the business.

You probably have a good sense of whether Goodman or Lennox will work best for you. Although Goodman and Lennox don’t directly compete with every model, there are some crossovers between the two brands. Ideally, you will want to find the perfect combination of functionality and cost-effectiveness to maximize your enjoyment of your HVAC system.