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 May 14, 2020 By Constant In Blog 794

It all happens to the best of us, maybe upkeeping your AC fell to the wayside, maybe it’s an older model and on its last legs or maybe a sudden issue arises and you’re unsure where to go from here. As the weather gets warmer this can become more of a problem to your comfortable home and even your wallet, making the system work harder and drain more energy and money from you. Figuring out how to approach your AC can be hard, whether a repair or replacement is the right fit for you depends on a couple of different factors. 

That’s why the team here at Constant Home Comfort wants to help you out, giving you some information and helping you make the right decision. CHC provides both Lennox AC installation in Ottawa, Nepean, Barrhean, Kanata, Orleans and air conditioner repair in and around Ottawa Ottawa, Nepean, Barrhean, Kanata, Orleans. 

What Are the Signs I Need to Look Out For?

First of all, you need to see how to approach your AC based on what the issue or issues are. There are certain warning signs that can point to your AC breaking down which could cost you a lot further down the line. Some of the things to really watch out for are:

  • AC has a strange odour
  • AC is blowing out warm air when switched on
  • Ac is blowing out no air at all when you switch it on
  • Airflow isn’t reaching throughout the house
  • You can hear loud clangs and thuds from your AC
  • The humidity levels are very high in your home
  • AC has excess moisture or leaks

How Often is It Best to Replace an Air Conditioning Unit?

Air conditioning units can last quite a while but after a period of time they will all give out. Most Ac units last over 10 years possibly up to 15 years. If your unit is running on the older side and is having issues it might be time to consider a replacement instead of repair. With older ones trying to keep them alive and working can end up eating more into your wallet over time than just replacing them when the time is right.

Is Replacing the AC Compressor Worth It?

The compressor is tasked with compressing the refrigerant in the AC system and can be one of the most costly and often misdiagnosed issues. Make sure to check your compressors’ warranty before considering your options, since it can be a pricey job if it’s still under warranty repair is a much more realistic option for people. A compressor works directly with the whole system and so at some point it may be best to consider a full replacement. As they all work directly together having an old evaporator unit paired with a new compressor can lead to various operational problems.

So Which is Best- Repair VS Replacement?

With everything in mind its best to consider everything before deciding to repair or replace; if the issue is a smaller one it can be best to repair or if your unit is nearing the end of its life this might be the right time to replace and spare yourself the trouble of more repairs pilling up later. We would suggest seriously considering replacement if your unit is over 8 years old and a repair would cost over 50% of a new unit. 

Upgrade to a Lennox AC in Hamilton and Windsor!

What brand of central air conditioner is the best? By its own account, Lennox has pushed for innovation, reliability, and performance for over 120 years. Whether you’re looking for quality heating and cooling appliances – this brand is basically your one-stop-shop destination.

Most models are certified Energy Star for its efficiency. The Lennox Signature Collection XC25, in particular, is a frontrunner for the brand as a whole, with it been deemed the most efficient split system with a 26 SEER.

Is Lennox the best air conditioner? When it comes to technical specifications, Lennox isn’t one to be left in the dust. The brand offers a wide array of models – each designed to cater to their consumers’ very specific requirements. Whether you’re going for affordability, low-efficiency, premium quality or climate control features – there’s something for everyone.

What is the warranty offered by Lennox? Based on the model you select, Lennox provides a basic limited warranty period for your unit that can range anywhere between 5 years to the unit’s lifetime. Extended Warranty options are also available. This comprehensive coverage is aimed at offering consumers peace of mind while also protecting their investment down the road.

Turn to Trusted HVAC Technicians to Repair or Replace Your AC

Whatever you are leaning more towards CHC is here to help you make the right decision and get the best repair or replacement to fit your situation. Give us a call today to start with a free quote for 24/7 service: 613-866-1869.